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Our Vision

We have one clear goal. Build a digital channel to generate a sales lead funnel, develop a low resistance customer journey,  convert as many leads as possible in order to grow top-line revenue all via a candid and transparent feedback process.

Our Story

It all started with our Co-Founder, Preston Watson, wanting to grow the loan book of a company he owned and was building to sell. Preston had bad experiences dealing with marketing companies who didn't seem to subject matter experts on marketing, as claimed. By chance, Preston had reached out to Faraz. They had previously worked together for a brief period at a financial institution. They stayed in touch. While Preston knew exactly how to drive growth, the digital marking piece was missing. Faraz had the expertise required to drive the growth of the loan at Preston's loan company. Within a matter of months, sales jumped and the business was sold for a 2x multiple. The buyer along with others in the lending industry in Canada were asking if we could generate loan applicant leads for them. Digital Pipeline was born without even knowing it!

Preston Watson, RCIC

It all began with studying to become a police officer. Directly out of college he began a career in finance which quickly turned into a career as a "fix it" guy. Preston spent his early twenties improving bottom-line profit. Preston returned to Canada to gain expertise in the Canadian Accounts Receivable Management industry focusing on lending, debt collection and civil court. Fast forward to becoming a Director with Canada's largest collection agency, Armed with his strong business acumen Preston ventured out into building, developing and selling companies for profit. He now owns Watson Capital & Consulting, a business and immigration consulting firm. When it comes to the tools necessary to drive growth, Preston offers these tools via Digital Pipeline.

Faraz Rahman

It all began with studying marketing. Directly out of university he began a career in finance and began applying his marketing skills to develop and drive growth within multiple financial companies. Special projects have included both rapid growth campaigns within established loan companies as well as some startups. Faraz quickly rose through the ranks to a Director role and realized that his skill set could be applied to many more companies than one. He is the owner of his own Digital Consulting Firm, Creative Digital, which serves multiple countries. When it comes to the tools necessary to drive growth, Faraz offers these tools via Digital Pipeline

Experienced Leadership

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