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Robust, powerful and affordable CRM solution

Sales Portal details

Product Description

Powerful managed portal to help teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively — all on one easy-to-use platform. Our platform has robust API capability, customizable to your business needs and secure. The best feature of our portal is that it is a managed portal. This means that you get to focus on the growth of your business while we manage the technology. 


Our portal is designed to help SMBs scale which is why we don't believe in categorizing pricing based on usage. We are offering a very competitive pricing of $49/month per user


  • Account (contact) management

  • Deal pipeline and stage

  • Email automation

  • Manage productivity

  • Customizable user profiles

  • Recurring revenue tracking

  • Customizable reporting

  • Integration*

  • Managed Portal

We Funnel Leads into your Sales Pipeline

We learn about the demographic of client you are trying to attract. We build out a unique campaign to suit your sales goal. As prospect clients view your ad we optimize the campaign to generate the most sales leads possible. The sales leads are sent directly to your email inbox in real-time so you can contact them immediately.

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